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Guest Choreographers
Robert Binet
Thiago Bordin
Paul Boyd
Stacey Denham
Natalia Horecna
Yaroslav Ivanenko
Marc Jubete
Maša Kolar
Sasha Riva
Wang Sizheng
Iris Tenge
Kenneth Tindall
Kristofer Weinstein Storey





Wang Sizheng appeared on the grand international stage as a choreographer at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, when the English National Ballet performed his ballet Swaning Around. Born in 1990 in the South-Eastern Chinese province of Jiangxi, he completed his dance education in 2007 at the Ballet Academy in Beijing. That same year, he was hired by the Chinese National Ballet, with which he has toured Great Britain, Germany and Australia. Wang Sizheng has won several awards as a choreographer, including "Best Choreographer" in 2010 at the 3rd International Competition of the Beijing Ballet Academy and the "Fine Choreography Prize" in 2011 for his work Ring the Bell. In 2011, the Hong Kong Ballet commissioned him to create the choreography About River.

Choreography for the National Youth Ballet
Ich flamme – Tänze im Sonnenwind




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