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I dedicate my Ballet to my beloved Father Pavel


Photo by Joris Jan Bos

Choreography, Set and Costumes
Natalia Horecna Bio

Music Terry Riley Bio
and John Cage, Betty Walker, Anon and Ryoji Ikeda

Lighting Koos Planken

January 16, 2012

With my dark little fairy tale, I'd like us to enter the inner world of ourselves which we do not always like to face. At times we all have to deal with our weaknesses, struggles, fears, the negative takes over. On our journeys through life, we shall face it and recognize it and I would hope perhaps we learn to accept it, even love it, it completes us in all our existence.

Or? I used to be scared of looking at me that way, but today am certainly more aware of how I see it and how I do not judge anymore these, as well, valuable experiences.

In my ballet, through stripping my own ego, and my images guided by absolutely marvelous and expressive music of one of the greatest composers of our time, Terry Riley, I'd like to let the room be opened to a creature who will take us through this journey of recognition of these so called negative emotions, and we simply shall see where it gets her, us, me...

I am curious myself. .. I will certainly not care about my "self preservation", for I am an opened book, the maximalist naivist in all its dark and twisted' innocence. I will also therefore not start with the aggression in the room, society or else where, but the one within myself.

In hard and challenging situations heart and brain become the greatest enemies.
The consequences for the actions we take, the choices we make? How high is the price? And for the curiosity? ...

I will dress up my creature, my 5th element - Love, my Coppelia in ''tissue paper''. The breakable tissue paper... like our skins, hearts, brains, the precious worlds of ours. With our own perspectives, truths, and lonelinesses.

I am interested in dark' in human, and what one, individual, does with it. I'd like not to write about all those cliches, but the sun light will eventually break through, and... Love should save us all. Or?
... Cheesy, cheesy? ...

Natalia Horecna (2011)


Cheesy. The word

This is an important word and nobody has it right yet. What it means is: Trying too hard, unsubtle, and inauthentic.

Specifically that which is unsubtle or inauthentic in its way of trying to elicit a certain response from a viewer, listener, audience, etc. Celine Dion is cheesy because her lyrics, timbre, key changes, and swelling orchestral accompaniment telegraph 'i want you to be moved' instead of moving you. Gold chains on an exposed hairy chest are cheesy because they shout out: "I have money and I am manly" instead of impressing a woman in a more subtle way, or allowing a woman to form her own judgments. The excessive showing off suggests he's compensating for what he does not have--i.e., he's actually poor, insecure, or short with an inferiority complex. Cliches are often cheesy because they are an obvious and artless way of making a point. A movie might be cheesy if it contains 'on the nose' dialogue, like "I can't live without you" or "You had me at hello."

Cheesiness is subjective. What seems cheesy to me, may be a legitimate and attractive hairstyle to you. What seems cheesy to me, may cause you to weep and hug your girlfriend tight.

Terry Riley – Biography

Terry Riley ist ein US-amerikanischer Komponist und Pianist. Er trug mit seinen aus der asiatischen und afrikanischen Trancemusik adaptierten "mikropolyphonen" Strukturen zur "Erfindung" der Minimal Music bei, auch wenn als deren populärste Vertreter Steve Reich und Philip Glass zu nennen sind. Als renommierter Pianist, Sänger und Improvisator trat Riley weltweit als Solokünstler auf.
to Terry Riley's Homepage

An Interview (in German)





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