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To remain "in motion" is of high priority for the National Youth Ballet. Its eight dancers are working together for two years after having finished their training. They work as soloists and members of the Corps de Ballet at the same time. It is a fine line they are balancing on but still they manage to keep an overview. Not only do they dance, they also design costumes, scenes and lights – Creating every step of their performances themselves. This is how the dancers cultivate their artistic personality: By being resilient. By being versatile.

The two years they share offer a unique opportunity: Rules and duties are not comparable to any other company. Here art is free, young and uncompromised. On the other hand the dancers enjoy less comfort but they rise to the challenge to conquer their audience and work hard for their repertoire. They are open for alternative forms of dance without betraying tradition. After all they are a ballet company – only classical technique gives them creative leeway. The Federal Government supports the company; the dancers are guided by experienced Ballet masters. All to enrich Germany’s dance- and culture scene.

Coming from seven different nations the dancers are united by one single language: Movement. And thus they move others.





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